words in my head
                  Julia Freiberg

Do you like stories? I do. Especially those that stand between the lines. Come with me, dive in. In lifes, which could be your own or those fascinatingly alien to the life you know. It is an invitation to dream and travel. You will meet weird characters in which life has left its mark. In front of wild landscapes and colorful cities, surrounded by Northern Lights magic or in the Berlin subway they find and lose themselves, love and live.

The first book: Complex Soul Damage tells stories located in Berlin and Iceland. Three strangers whose lives interweave and the question: how much do our decisions affect the lives of others? Order a copy of the book. The cover is limited and changes all 20 copies. Click here to go to the shop and find out how Sophie, Isak and Masha meet and love each other.

Island Fragment is a story about mothers and fathers and about love. Relationships are complex. Do you want to go to Stockholm and to Lewis & Harris, an island of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and find out more? Then click here.

About me

I was born in 1985 in Berlin. My soul remains deeply connected with this city, even if I live in Göttingen since 2007. Writing has been my passion since elementary school. I see life as a colorful place of abundance. Every person in the subway, every passer-by harbors for me a wealth of stories, a source of inspiration.